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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Out Today, Bringing On-Foot Exploration And Missions To The Milky Way

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Elite Dangerous' latest expansion, Odyssey, has launched today, bringing a whole new element of gameplay to the experience: first person on-foot exploration. 

After years of being stuck in the cockpit, our pilots are finally able to get out and stretch their legs thanks to the new expansion. Odyssey sees players able to land on planets with specific atmospheres and get out of their ships on foot to explore the galaxy, as well as adds support to explore and move around the interior of the stations Commanders have docked in for years.

"It's time to set out into the great unknown of our galaxy in the launch of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on PC. Seasoned Commanders and new pilots alike can now rise from the seat of their cockpit and explore the galaxy like never before, in this new era of Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey opens up further exciting realms of exploration, from newly accessible planets with light atmospheres beautifully rendered by stunning new technology, to new immersive missions at ground level with the risk of coming face to face with combat ready foes."

However, it's not all good news so far as players are swarming the servers to get their commanders first in line to start claiming discovery data in Odyssey. The team has announced they are aware of the issue and are looking to make it easier for players to log in soon.

The patch notes released alongside today's, erm, patch, also shed some light on some fo the changes from the Alpha build, which was tested extensively last month. Over 400K settlements have been added to Elite Dangerous, as well as another 8,000 planet ports of call. A new tutorial has been added for new and existing Commanders alike to get their footing in Odyssey. Improvements to NPC animations when in-station, as well as "personal space warnings" have been added if you're eavesdropping.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on PC will be disappointed to learn they won't be able to take part in the escapades with their Odyssey friends, as the two separate expansions are, just that, separate. This won't be permanent, as the plan is to streamline the versions once the console launch is complete, and the team, attempted to clarify its reasoning and what Odyssey and Horizons players will be able to do together in a new post on Steam, but it still will see some Squadrons and fleets separated until everyone has the same version.


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