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Elite Dangerous Lays Out How Upcoming Odyssey Alpha Will Roll Out Next Week

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Frontier is prepping for its upcoming Alpha for the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion next week, and the team took to Twitter to share exactly how that rollout will work when the alpha goes live on Monday.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey brings the much anticipated feature of finally getting out of our ships and being able to walk around the various stations and planets that populate the Milky Way galaxy in the space sim MMO. Frontier lays out the different phases for the Alpha rollout will work when it hits PC on Monday next, including phases for your first steps, combat and more.

Phase 1 will be all about the First Steps in the Alpha, with players receiving a new commander and be placed in a single star system. Players won't be able to travel till Phase 2, which will see combat be the focus of the phase. With Phase 3, the "bubble" for Alpha players will extend to 50 light years, giving the ability to test out the First Footfall system in Odyssey. Phase 4 will see the players' own Commanders and ships make an appearance as the team looks to bring it all together before the full launch.

For those who want to see more about how the Alpha will roll out in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the team will be hosting a stream at 19:00 UTC (3pm ET/12pm PT) to discuss it more in details. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey brings the space sim into its next level, by allowing players to disembark from their ships and SRVs for the first time in the game's history, bringing first person on foot exploration and missions to the sim. If you're interested in how the combat looks in first person, make sure to check out our recent coverage of how missions work in Odyssey here.


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