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Elite Dangerous Is Giving Console Players Free Copies Of The Game On PC

Seeks to allay content drought fears

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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As many Elite Dangerous fans know, development on the console versions has been canceled with Frontier prioritizing the PC version of the space-faring sim. As a result, Frontier is giving console fans a way to carry their progress over to PC, as well as easing their docking on the platform in the form of the game for free.

Earlier this year it was announced that Frontier would no longer be supporting the console versions with updates, instead focusing fully on the PC version of Elite Dangerous following last year's rocky launch of the latest expansion, Odyssey. In a forum post earlier this week, community manager Zac Cocken laid some groundwork for those console players that want to continue to play with players without losing their progress.

Console account transfers are being worked on, with the Frontier team working hard to ensure console commanders don't skip a beat when they transfer their account to PC. However, if you don't already own the space-sim there, no need to fret: Frontier will be giving console players a free copy of the title on PC. 

"Secondly, if you've purchased Elite Dangerous on consoles, we'll be giving you a free copy of Elite Dangerous on PC. This will all be done in a limited-time window and the exact details are still being confirmed, but we'll be giving you plenty of heads up so you can prepare if needed.The team are also gathering the most frequently asked questions about console account transfers so that we can provide you with the answers all at once."

As far as the future of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the team is still laying the groundwork for content updates and more to come this year and into 2023. Update 12, which is due out this month is on track and is looking to fix issues and optimize Odyssey even more, as well as adding a new mission variant for players. As far as future updates, those are scheduled currently for August and November of this year.

The team also took some time to try to allay fears that no future content was coming to Elite Dangerous

"I can't say much about 2023 right now, in fact, I can't say anything other than what you already know! The team are currently looking at a key feature overhaul for 2023, and although I cannot give you any hints as to what this is, I hope it will help allay some concerns that there is no more content coming to Elite Dangerous. There's a lot still to come, and the new major narrative phase will have a part to play in the future, too."

You can check out the full post on the Elite Dangerous forums.


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