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Elite Dangerous Interim Update On Track, Mission Boards Got an Initial Fix

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Elite Dangerous is still on track to deliver the interim update this month that Frontier promised to fix Update 14's remaining issues. Frontier has also updated on mission board improvements.

The interim update is still on track, but the team is not ready yet to share the date of when they expect the patch to go out. understanding that this is something the community has been waiting for, the team says that “we do owe Commanders a specified date for this deployment. As soon as we have it, we will let you know”.

So while we don't have a date yet, they are making progress  and they likely want to be very sure that everything is going to be ready to go out. Frontier also stated that they were still finalizing the list of exactly what's going to be in this patch. This makes sense to get solidified before they can try to guarantee a date.

This week's announcement of this interim update was also accompanied by details on other work that was coming, including to improve the issues with Mission Boards.  Players were having trouble with Mission Boards not loading. 

While the interim update and all of the issues it will address is still to come, the team did release initial updates that should help with the problem of Mission Boards not loading. These are, as they point out, “initial improvements”, but it was a pressing issue and being able to get a start on it has been received positively so far. Several players responded to the announcement of these first steps with positive feedback on not seeing the problem in their sessions anymore. Others expressed impatience, including with what they’re seeing as a piecemeal approach. “After 45 days since Update 14, "initial steps were taken" for a high priority issue,” a member named antoca commented.

Read more over at Elite Dangerous.


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