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Elite: Dangerous 'Horizons' Expansions Are Free From October 27

I literally just bought it...

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Did you buy the Horizons expansion for Elite: Dangerous recently? Well, it will soon be free.

What’s more, the content from those expansions will be folded into the main game on October 27 for free. As a result, players will receive the complete Horizons experience via a free update to Elite Dangerous on PC, the PS4, and the Xbox One. Players who previously purchased Horizons will receive an exclusive Azure paint job compatible with all 41 ships currently in game.

If you’re unfamiliar with Horizons, it brought planetary landings to the game, including weapon crafting, ship-launched fighters, and multicrew co-op. Additionally, you could explore these planets with the SRV Scarab ground vehicle.

As the press release notes, Horizons will remain on sale on all platforms until October 26 to allow players a last chance to obtain the exclusive Horizon owner rewards, and then access to the Azure paint jobs for all 41 ships. For more information, follow Elite Dangerous on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Visit the Elite Dangerous official website at elitedangerous.com.

The next big expansion, Odyssey, will release early next year.


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