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Elite Dangerous Getting Interim Update To Fix Update 14 Woes, and Frontier Confirms 15 and 16

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Promising that certain issues would be addressed at the beginning of the year, Frontier  has a small roadmap update for Elite Dangerous, including fixing Update 14’s issues and Updates 15 and 16.

Before the holiday break, Frontier said  that they would be releasing what they're calling an “interim update” to address some of the lingering issues that were still around after Update 14. Some of these issues include a series of crashes, problems with ammo, things being invisible that should not be invisible, as well as a number of issues that arose after the update. This interim update will be coming at the end of January. 

There's no exact date just yet on when we can expect the update, nor have they confirmed the final list of all the issues they're going to address in this patch. Given the significance of some of these issues, there might be a chance that it will take more than one update to get them all handled. The list of known issues is available, and the team suggests reading it in order to get the bigger picture of what's going on. Now that we have a late January release window, we should be hearing details about this very soon.

Speaking of release windows, Update 15 is  now scheduled for April, and Update 16 will follow. That’s all we have on these updates, but they are confirmed to be coming this year. With the work needed to be done to clean up what happened after Update 14, and an April release date for update 15, there's still plenty of time for Frontier to release new details.

In the meantime, they are bringing back the Frameshift Live stream on Thursday, January 19th, complete with Twitch Drops.

For details, see the announcement over at Elite Dangerous.


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