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Elite Dangerous 'Fleet Carriers' Update Available Now

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Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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The newest update to Elite Dangerous is available now which adds the much-anticipated Fleet Carriers ships into the universe. Fleet Carriers are massive ships used as a mobile base of operations, offering multiple landing pads and various services.

These fleet carriers can act as a mobile base of operations and can make jumps of up to 500 light-years, allowing players to establish a forward operating base and explore new systems. In addition, they can be utilized as personal shipyards, allowing players to store up to 16 ships on the carrier. For more on what fleet carriers can offer, there is a post on the Elite Dangerous forums detailing the benefits of these monolithic mega ships.

In addition, you can read the entirety of this update's patch notes which lists updates to factions, adjustments to mining, changes to missions, and improvements to the new player experience. Recently, Elite Dangerous also announced the Odyssey expansion coming next year. Unfortunately, it looks like the expansion will not include VR compatibility or base building at launch.


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