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Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Total Running Cost Will Be Reduced by 85%

Plus more tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you think the existing running costs for the Fleet Carriers in Elite Dangerous are too high, don’t worry. The costs are going down.

The blog post cites player feedback as the driving factor for cost reduction. Here’s how they put it,

“Fleet Carriers represent a big investment, with a lot of crew and resources involved. After hearing your concerns, we've reduced the upkeep to a more sustainable level. The total running costs for a Fleet Carrier with all services active will be reduced by a total of 85.5%.”

Additionally, upkeep costs for all additional services in the beta will be reduced by 80-90% while core running costs are set to be lowered by 50%. Additional details include tweaks to time between jumps being decreased to 15 minutes for jump prep and 5 minutes for cooldown.

The post concludes with the team thanking players for their feedback,

“We're excited to hear what you think of these changes and seeing them in action for the remainder of Beta 1. Thank you for all of your valuable feedback which has helped shape these changes and will drive the rest of the changes made throughout the rest of the beta period.”

The next beta will happen in May and will include console players with the existing PC playerbase.


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