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Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Delayed to 2020 In Order To Address Existing Issues First

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fleet Carriers, which were set to arrive to Elite Dangerous in December, have been delayed into 2020.

In a post on the official forums, the reason provided for the delay stems from addressing existing issues first before shifting focus to gameplay features. These fixes will be rolled out over the next three to four months, and will include a public beta for each prior to the full release. The first of these updates will have a public beta beginning this December and targeting an early 2020 release.

“As a result of our updated plans, we have made the difficult decision to defer the release of Fleet Carriers. We are now planning for Fleet Carriers to be released in an update in the second quarter of 2020, rather than in December 2019 as previously stated. This will grant us additional time to refine the feature as well as focusing time on addressing existing reported issues. It will also ensure the state of the game is in a better position to introduce Fleet Carriers, that will provide Commanders even more opportunities to interact with the Milky Way. We understand that this delay will be disappointing for some players, but do know that this decision is one that we do not take lightly, and is made with the best interests of the community and game at heart.”

Check out the full post here.


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