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Elite Dangerous Details How On Foot Weapons Will Work In Upcoming Odyssey Expansion

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Frontier took to their forums to discuss how first-person weapons themselves will work in the upcoming Odyssey expansion for Elite Dangerous. In the Q&A, the developers spoke about anti-vehicle, as well as answered questions about melee weapons in the coming update.

The team behind Odyssey looked at "on foot weaponry," giving some insight into how it will work for those who venture outside of their ship in the coming update. When asked about melee weapons in Elite Dangerous, the team stated that while players will be able to attack with a melee attack in close range, "there are no specific melee weapons." Additionally, when asked how weapons will work against ships and other vehicles, the team answered that all weapons can actually be used against ships themselves, but confirmed that "some are far more effective, such as explosive weapons like rocket launchers and grenades."

All players will have a side arm as well by default when they disembark, citing that it acts like all players having a Sidewinder ship. Elite Dangerous Odyssey will also feature a full range of weapons, from pistols, SMGs and shotguns, to the aforementioned explosives like rocket launchers and grenades. Players can help each other in co-op, such as dropping ammo and guns for an ally to pick up and arm themselves as well.

You can check out the full Q&A on the Elite Dangerous websiteOdyssey is slated to hit PC this spring with console versions of the expansion coming later this year. Earlier this month, Frontier detailed how exploration will work with Odyssey, breaking down its First Footfall system.    


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