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Eleven New Robots Planned & Progression Changes

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Perpetuum is chugging along with some brand new units coming in the near future, eleven of them to be exact. The goal is to provide fill role gaps where there are no current robots exist at the current time. Robots will span a variety of weights and specializations.

In addition to the new units, players can also look for alterations in the progression system. Rather than expending time to move forward, the way that Extension Points are earned will be changing. Devs admit that earning EP for in-game activities has been around a long while but until the cessation of a subscription, it was not as feasible as it is now.

EP handicapping is built upon the EP reward system, and as the name suggests, it will help those with low EP.

The way it works is that we designate an EP value that is deemed to be a “desired amount” that every player should have. To give you an idea, this will be probably somewhat less than the total EP that could have been accumulated since the launch of the game, and since this changes by the day, it will be a rolling amount.

Then, we compare this target EP amount to your account’s total accumulated EP. The less EP you have(ie. the further away you are from the target), the higher bonuses you will get for activities that reward you EP. This means that when you start the game, you’ll receive a lot of EP coming from rewards. But as time passes and you gather more and more EP, the amounts you get from killing NPCs or mining ore will slowly start to decrease towards a minimum amount.

Check out the full article on the robots at the link above, and on Extension Points on the Perpetuum site.

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