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Elder Scrolls Online's Midyear Mayhem PVP Event Begins Tomorrow

Runs Until July 6th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The PVP madness is back in The Elder Scrolls Online as the annual Midyear Mayhem event is returning tomorrow, June 24th. The event, which will see players clash with each other for more than just glory, will run until July 6th.

The annual event pits players against each other, where you can earn double XP and Alliance Points in the three-alliance war at the center of ESO's original storyline. Players will also be able to earn more rewards for clashing in either the Alliance War, Imperial City or the Battlegrounds PVP modes. 

During the event, while the experience and AP are nice, you'll be able to earn collectibles like new shield outfit styles, as well as a tradeable stave. 

"Represent your Alliance with these new tradeable stave and shield outfit style pages, made by collecting 10 Alliance Banner Emblems from Midyear Mayhem Boon Boxes and then combining them with the associated license (one for the shield and one for the staff) purchased from Predicant Maera for Alliance Points. Note that the Alliance version of the style page you receive is determined by your character’s chosen Alliance."

Ebonsteel Armor outfit style pages will also be dropping in the Imperial City, and players will be able to claim the Midyear Victor's Laurel Wreath by completing the Midyear Mayhem achievement lists, which includes defeating 50 opponents, winning a Battlegrounds match and more.

You can check out the full list of rewards and how to jump into the mayhem on the ESO website. In other Elder Scrolls Online news, our full review of Blackwood, the latest chapter in the MMO, went live yesterday.


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