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Elder Scrolls Online's Markarth and Update 28 Out Now on PC

Consoles November 10

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We had previously written about Markarth, the latest DLC for Elder Scrolls Online’s year of the Dark Heart of Skyrim. Well, that’s now finally released as of today, along with some patch notes for Update 28.

While the DLC is out now for PC, console players on Xbox One and PS4 will need to wait till November 10 to dive in. The DLC contains two new zones in the Reach and Arkthzand Caverns with new quests, characters, and challenges. It also contains new rewards and items sets as the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline concludes.

There’s a new solo arena as well called Vateshran Hollows, in addition to QoL improvements, a new Item Set Collection system, and more. The DLC is included in your ESO Plus subscription. Alternatively, you can buy it in the Crown Store.

Patch Notes for Update 28 are quite extensive and cover off the DLC, in addition to a bunch of fixes and improvements for the base game and its chapters. These fixes range from crafting, the economy, dungeons, group content, exploration, itemization, housing, and more. You can read the full patch notes here.


Poorna Shankar