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Elder Scrolls Online's Game Director Talks Compensation Following PlayStation Outages

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online's PlayStation servers have been going through some issues the last day, and while they are back up right now the game's director, Matt Firor, put out a statement to discuss the issue and how they are implementing compensation for affected players.

Yesterday the MMO went down yesterday following server maintenance that saw the other megaservers go back online on time, while the PlayStation realm was affected by an issue directly related to the platform. Yesterday it seemed like a fix might be as far as 48 hours away. While we didn't really know what was causing the issues yesterday, the servers were down for quite some time causing many players to voice their displeasure yesterday.

The servers are back up with a fix in place, studio director Matt Firor released a statement explaining what was going on for those fans affected, as well as how they were planning on making things right for those who were unable to hop in Tamriel the last day.

"First, the issue itself was caused by a service problem between ESO and the PSN platform and was entirely our fault," Firor says in the statement. He continues, "Because it was a problem between the ESO game and the PSN service, our solution was to rebuild the ESO patch, test it, and submit it for recertification. This process takes time, which is where the initial 24-48 hour estimate came from.

However, with critical help from our PSN partners, we figured out a much faster solution - to modify the service itself. With that, it only took a service update and a restart, and after testing and verification, we were back in business very late last night east coast USA time and as I type this everything is running normally."

Firor apologized for the downtime, thanking the community for bearing with the team at ZOS throughout the whole ordeal. As far as compensating players, the current Jubilee event has been extended till April 15th. PlayStation specific players will see the daily login reward to give players who login on Day 7 five 150% experience boost scrolls to make up for lost time. Additionally, the Day 8 reward will give players the Ayleid Wold Pup to ensure that players on the platform don't miss the reward thanks to the downtime. Finally the original rewards for those days will be moved to later on in the month to make it so they aren't missed out on as well, according to Firor. 


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