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Elder Scrolls Online's Console Enhanced Edition Launch Hasn't Gone Swimmingly On Sony's PlayStation 5 [Updated]

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[Update: 3:31 PDT/6:31 EDT] ZeniMax Online Studios have posted a work around for the PlayStation 5 issues regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced. 

For those looking to play the upgraded version of ESO, these should be a way you can start (or continue) your journey. 

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If you're a PlayStation 5 player hoping to dive into the upgraded version of The Elder Scrolls Online today, you might be having a bad time. Currently it seems there is an issue with Sony's server and those who bought digital versions, where the PlayStation 5 is requiring a disk to play.

ZeniMax is currently investigating the issue with Sony, letting fans know they are aware of the problem and are working towards a fix with Sony. Effectively, players who own a digital version of The Elder Scrolls Online try to download the Console Enhanced version, Sony is telling them that a disc is required to do so. 

Problem is, if you bought it digitally, you obviously don't have a disc to even use. 

However, the last update came about 2 hours ago from the team, stating that as of 1pm EDT they were still working with Sony to resolve the problem. 

However, if you're a PlayStation 5 owner and still want to jaunt through Tamriel until this is resolved, ZeniMax has stated that players should still be able to play via Backwards Compatibility until the problem has been fixed. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced brings enhanced visuals, higher framerates and faster loading times to the console version of the MMORPG. You can check out the launch trailer and read our coverage on the launch here. We'll be sure to update this story with any new developments/when the problem is resolved with Elder Scrolls Online on the PlayStation 5. 


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