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Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood Region to Feature Diverse Environments

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The media for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming chapter, Blackwood, has been ramping up of late. This latest preview was all about the diversity in the landscape, and much more. Here’s some of what was shared.

Blackwood takes places in southern Cyrodiil and a bit of Black Marsh and Elsweyr. Basically, if you’ve played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for hundreds of hours (*cough*) or Elder Scrolls: Arena, the region should feel welcome to you.

Because of this unique location, expect to see a broad variety of landscapes and creatures along the way. As CJ Grebb, Art Director on Elder Scrolls Online, puts it,

“Blackwood bridges the gap between the idyllic hills and deciduous forests of Cyrodiil and the low-lying swamps and marshes of Black Marsh. The northern region is prone to periodic flooding from rivers that flow down to the Nibenay Bay, and long-abandoned settlements and ruined castles dot the landscape, a testament to nature’s ultimate power.”

But beyond the landscape, it looks like we’ll be running to our share of creatures and monsters along the way. Our travels will take us to ancient temples, sunken ruins, and more. Oh and yes, apparently there will be massive toads.

The major cities include Leyawiin in Cyrodiil and Gideon in Black Marsh. Naturally, expect distinct cultures for both of these cities. You can read the full post here. Alternatively, if you missed the recent Blackwood preview event, you can catch up with our summary here. However, it seems the game has been having a rough go of late on consoles, with PS4/5 issues presenting hitching before being fixed, and invisible monsters running amok on Xbox.


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