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Elder Scrolls Online - Watch the Dark Heart of Skyrim Finale Preview September 19th

It's the Final Countdown

Steven Weber Posted:
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On Saturday September 19th at 3PM EDT, Bethesda will be showing off the finale of the Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline. The new DLC that will put an end to the Dark Heart of Skyrim arc is known as Markarth, and the walkthrough shown during the digital event will provide a lot of information detailing what players can expect in-game.

The stream for their reveal will be on their official Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/Bethesda. There, you’ll be able to hear about the new zone, the storyline, and how Markarth fits into the overarching Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline. That won’t be all, either, as players will also get a short roadmap of what the rest of 2020 will look like and, following the event, an ESO Live chat about the new DLC’s features.

Those who attend will also receive a free Purple Torchbug pet. Elder Scrolls Online has been putting out DLC for the Dark Heart of Skyrim over the entirety of 2020, with the major expansion Greymoor placing players in Western Skyrim to experience the popular story arc, rife with all manner of vampires and monsters. Check out the review of Greymoor for more information.


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