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Elder Scrolls Online: Watch ESO's QuakeCon at Home August 7th

Do You Feel That? It's QuakeCon

Steven Weber Posted:
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QuakeCon At Home is coming, and ESO will be there. The three-day event will bring livestreams, giveaways, Twitch Drops, and a new trailer that Elder Scrolls Online players won’t want to miss.

QuakeCon will kick off Friday, August 7th at 12PN EDT with a warm “Hidey Ho!” and a look back on what has released thus far this year. You will be able to access the stream on Bethesda’s Twitch channel where players will not only get a lot of helpful and important information about the future of ESO but they will get rewarded as well.

Reliquaries, a Razer peripherals package, Steel Series mouse pads, and other Atronach-sized goods will be given away during the stream and on social media, including a Twitch Drop that will include, you guessed it, a Flame Atronach Pony pet and an Ouroboros Crown Crate. To ensure you get rewards, link your ESO and Twitch account beforehand. The list of events can be found on the original announcement along with additional stream information, the events for ESO’s Twitch are listed below:

  • ESO Voice-Over Chat—Featuring Jennifer Hale & Robbie Daymond - Friday, August 7 at 1PM EDT at tv/Bethesda
  • ESO Developer Interview—Featuring Encounters Lead Mike Finnigan Saturday, August 8 at 12PM EDT at tv/Bethesda_DE
  • ESO Gearless & Fearless Dungeon Run—Featuring Nicole Savoy Saturday, August 8 at 8PM EDT at tv/Bethesda
  • Pete and Rob Whittaker Take on ESO Saturday, August 8 at 11PM EDT at tv/Bethesda
  • ESO Live Art Creation & Chat - Sunday, August 9 at 7PM EDT at tv/Bethesda

While you wait for QuakeCon, why not read up on some of the changes coming to Cyrodiil aimed on increasing performance. On the fence about ESO? Gabriel Moss has some ideas on how they could vastly improve ESO’s Gameplay, weigh in on the discussion.


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