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Elder Scrolls Online Update 31 Focusing on PvP Combat Changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Zenimax Online Studios have provided a preview of Update 31 for Elder Scrolls Online with a particular focus on combat for PvP. Read on for details.

The main thrust of the post is TTK (time to kill) in PvP. Chiefly, damage amounts are higher while defensive power is too low. ZOS notes this is primarily due to balance from Champion Points 2.0, in addition to stat boosting on new characters with base Weapon and Spell damage and base max resource adjustments from Update 30.

To that end, ZOS notes they want to stay focused which is PvP. Therefore, the big change in Update 31 will be to Battle Spirit for damage taken. This means base character will take 60% less damage instead of 50%.

ZOS notes to expect a pass on player abilities, item sets, and passives in Update for Stealth and Invisibility,

“This pass focuses on trying to improve the rules on what abilities should and should not hit or remove Stealth or Invisibility on targets, as well as fixing some issues where Sneak attacks were stronger than intended in some areas. To clarify, Sneak attacks, or attacks made from the Hidden state while crouching, should only do the following:

  • A guaranteed Critical Strike on one direct damage attack
  • 275% bonus critical damage against monsters if it was a melee attack
  • 40% bonus critical damage against monsters if it was a ranged attack
  • Stun the target if it was a melee attack”

The rest of the post touches on back-end ability scripting, in addition to reworks for Skilled Hunter Passive Expert Hunter. Check out the full post here. In case you missed it, ZOS previewed the Waking Flame dungeon DLC on their stream last week. If you’re playing ESO on PS5, check out our impressions of that platform here.


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