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Elder Scrolls Online - Update 27 Allows for Players to Control Their Households

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Elder Scrolls Online has released a post that details advanced Character Pathing in update 27. The update will allow players to turn their bland homes, into a bustling living space filled with assistants, mounts and pets.

Players that have accumulated all manner of additional humanoids or creatures, and wished that they could have them running about their homes will find the addition in this free update more than satisfactory. Cullen Lee, one of ESO’s system designers explains:

“As an example, let’s say you already have Pirharri the Smuggler placed in your home. With this update, you now have a new option when targeting her in the housing editor to ‘Create Path.’ Once you press that button, you’ll see a path node beneath Pirharri, and another path node held in your hand like a furnishing. You can place nodes wherever you want, and this even includes floating in the air, or going straight through solid objects if you so choose, this was important to us because it maintains the freedom that our housing editor is built around, but it does mean that you can have some… unusual behaviors.”

This update will be released in addition to the Stonethorn DLC, but will be free, and not part of the DLC specifically. Update 27 is planned to go live on August 24th for PC and September 1st for all other platforms. Fans may want to read about the updated Stonethorn DLC including the special dungeons that will be releasing alongside update 27.


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