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Elder Scrolls Online to Kick Off the Morrowind Celebration Event on February 7th

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Starting February 7th, Elder Scrolls Online players can take part in the Morrowind Celebration Event. Those who own Morrowind will be treated to double drops from resource nodes, all bosses and double reward boxes from dailies in the area. Those who don't own Morrowind can pick it up for a special price: 1750 Crowns (50% off). Lastly, those participating in the event can earn Event Tickets needed to buy Indrik Feathers needed to evolve Indrik mounts.

To get started exploring the home of the Dark Elves, you can pick up the zone quest and travel to Vvardenfell by accessing the Stories section of your Collections UI, selecting Morrowind under Zone DLC, and finally clicking the “Accept Quest” button. Alternatively, you can use a Wayshrine to teleport directly to Seyda Neen.

The Morrowind Celebration Event runs through February 18th.

Learn more on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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