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Elder Scrolls Online Team Previews the Depths of Malatar Dungeon That Hearkens Back to Oblivion

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One of the components of the Season of the Dragon in Elder Scrolls Online is a 4-player dungeon called the Depths of Malatar. In a new article on the ESO site, the team provides a preview that "brings unique rewards to Tamriel's undaunted adventurers".

The preview gives readers some information about the lore background for the dungeon before diving in to the preview, complete with developer commentary from Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan. Those who have played Oblivion may be familiar with Malatar. 

"We actually borrowed quite a bit from Oblivion's dungeon before making adjustments to fit our story. There is even a boss fight that is VERY similar to the one that was in the original game." Finnigan writes. 

Players will have to battle through Empowered Imperial Soldiers and Daedric beasts. Interestingly, the first boss will be stalking players as they pass through a warehouse. "It's unlike anything we've done before," Finnigan says.

Players completing the run will have an opportunity to earn three new unique gear sets to earn, the Symphony of Blades Monster Mask and the Meridian Purified Skin (Veteran difficulty only).

Check out the full preview on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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