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Elder Scrolls Online Team Aware of Stat Bugs in Latest PTS Patch

Yay PTS!

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As part of the latest PTS patch for Elder Scrolls Online, it seems like a few stats haven’t been having the intended effect. Fortunately, the team is aware of the issues as they continue working on them.

The list of issues for stats arrives in a community post which cites calculations which appear to not apply correctly. The post includes a few examples, like Champion Points,

“Adding or removing CP in Hasty doesn't change the Advanced Stats UI until I sprint again. Adding or removing CP in Fleet Phantom doesn't change the Advanced Stats UI until I sneak again. I have waited more than five minutes standing still waiting for the Stats page to update to no effect. (I can also confirm this for Nimble Protector, which doesn't change the Stats page until I start blocking.) This is likely to be *very* confusing for people who are standing still trying to use the Stats window to calculate the effects of CP changes.”

It also cites the Ring of the Wild Hunt, sneak speed, and Fleet Phantom. Fortunately, Community Manager, Gina Bruno, saw the post and thanked the poster for the detailed write. She also confirmed that the team is aware of these issues and is working on addressing them. Yay PTS!

Yesterday, the team shared a preview of a new character arriving as part of the Gates of Oblivion content, called Lyranth.


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