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Elder Scrolls Online Team Answers Questions on Changes to Champion Points System

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It seems there are quite a few questions out there from the community about the upcoming changes to Elder Scrolls Online’s Champion Points system. Fortunately, the community team have aggregated them in one handy FAQ.

As a quick reminder, the CP 2.0 system will be pushed to live servers on March 8 on PC and Mac. If you’re on PS4 and Xbox, you can expect the new system to go live on March 16. The questions presented in the FAQ represent the most commonly asked questions from the community, and span several topics.

First, your CP level will not scale up. However, the team will change the XP growth scale which means that if you’re under CP 1880, you’ll grow pretty fast. As the FAQ puts it,

“Compared to CP1.0, a fresh new player would need 56% LESS experience to reach max CP cap in CP2.0 (3600).”

It notes that CP 1800 will be the new curve for diminishing returns. However, Enlightenment should remain the same. Additional questions touch on adjusting combat gap between low CP and high CP players, if there will be tutorials covering the CP changes (there will be in-game tutorials covering it), in addition to if there will be more crafting trees and skill lines.


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