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Elder Scrolls Online Talks Bastian Hallix, One Of The Two Upcoming Companions In Blackwood

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The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for its major chapter launch at the beginning of June with Blackwood, and it's starting to talk about some of the characters you'll meet in the expansion. This latest Meet the Character article talks Bastian Hallix, one of two of the Companions you can quest with in the upcoming Blackwood chapter.

Told from the perspective of the character Pungent Adder, Bastian Hallix is a battlemage who represents a noble trading house from Daggerfall, the Silvelles. Skilled with both his staff and his sword, Bastian is a fighter who can get out of sticky situation. 

"Earlier today, Bastian Hallix’s search for Quistley Silvelle led him to me. I have nothing to do with any missing Silvelles, but I don’t stand for anyone prying into my affairs. I sent three of my blades to waylay him when he returned to his inn. Hallix roasted poor Neriemus with a fire bolt, knocked Janetia senseless with a single blow from his staff, and then disarmed Claws-in-Shadow and stabbed him with his own sword."

Bastian seems strong in a fight, however Adder talks about his trusting nature as a weakness, and while he is the son of a lord of Daggerfall, he spent his childhood under the roof of the Silvelles, the noble house he currently works for. 

Companions in Blackwood will act as NPCs you can have quest with you as well as fill any role you give them, whether it be a DPS, tank or healer. As you progress in the MMO, you'll be able to build rapport with your companion, which will unlock future content to do with them and uncover more of their stories and personality. Additionally, your actions will directly influence how they think of you, building or taking down built rapport based on something you've done. ZeniMax has also talked about the possibility of marrying NPCs down the road.

We recently had the chance to check out the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online chapter in a preview event. Kevin really enjoyed the companions in the MMO, saying that the quality of the writing is going to have him really stressing over which one to choose between Bastian and Mirri, the other companion at launch. 


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