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Elder Scrolls Online Shows Off Markarth Zones and Settings

Rocks Galore in Markarth

Steven Weber Posted:
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 If there’s one thing Elder Scrolls Online has been excited about lately, it’s hearts, and as we lead up to the finale of the Dark Heart of Skyrim, Zenimax Online Studios is now showing off the zones in the Markarth DLC, which allows players to venture into the heart of the Reach. To that end, the latest article explores the Reach and the Arkthzand Cavern zones headed to the live game soon.

The Reach is filled with rocky terrain, stony ancestral sites, and dangerous wilderness. Andrew Young, Markarth’s zone lead explains exploring the Reach:

“In the Reach, every stone tells a story. From the sacred ancestral sites of the Reachfolk to the ruins of Nord conquerors or the labyrinthine halls of the vanished Dwarves, every inch of the Reach hints at the rich and bloody history of this storied land. I hope players will come away from Markarth with a sense that for every question answered, new mysteries arise that make them eager to explore more of this amazing world for years to come.”

You can read more in the post on the official news article on the Elder Scrolls Online site. 

The Reach will have a ton of quests, world bosses, delves, Harrowstorms, and the final part of the Dark Heart of Skyrims story.  The immense size of Skyrim lends itself to the vast exploration both above ground, and below, as players will also get to traverse the underground in the Arkthzand Cavern. Are you ready to explore the dangerous caves, explore the City of Stone, and meet the Reachfolk? The Markarth DLC is slated for November 2nd for PC, Mac and Stadia, and November 10th for consoles.


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