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Elder Scrolls Online Shares Updated Performance Improvements Plan

Leading up to Update 26 and Greymoor

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest update in the ongoing performance improvements to Elder Scrolls Online has been laid out for Q2 2020 as the team preps for the upcoming Greymoor chapter.

The work continues for Update 26, with Q2 primarily focused on server optimization and stability, along with client optimization and stability, plus behind the scenes combat ability improvements.

Regarding server optimization, the team is rewriting non-combat pet performance on the server side. They’re also working on making the player loading more multithreaded on the server, again with the goal to improve server performance.

Client optimization includes art asset creation and spreading it out over multiple cores. A character update also looks to improve performance on the client side, again spreading it out over several cores.

The behind the scenes combat ability is focused on AoE ability performance on the server, described thusly,

“This work focuses on making these ability types more specialized so that they are more efficient on server performance. The code work is complete – data work has been shifted to Update 27. The current focus is on tracking down current issues on the live servers. Note: The overall player experience for these abilities (damage/functionality) should not change.


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