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Elder Scrolls Online Shares Update on Ongoing Performance Optimization

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Zenimax Online Studios have provided an update on ESO’s performance improvement plan in a new blog post on their site.

As of today, a memory management overhaul, combat improvements, and a complete rewrite of the LFG system are now live on PC/Mac, and will arrive on consoles on November 5 with Update 24.

Q1 2020 is set to receive the following updates:

  • Patching overhaul
    • Work is ongoing and on track with internal bug fixing and asset clean-up as the focus.
  • Faster loading fixtures and characters
    • Work is ongoing and on track – no new major updates at this time.
  • Behind-the-scenes combat ability improvements phase 2
    • Work is ongoing and on track – no new major updates at this time.
  • Frame rate improvements part 1
    • Effects manager work is in progress and on track.
    • We have identified some multi-threading work that is needed, and that is now in progress. This work will allow more game systems (specifically the fixture update process and renderer for this round) to utilize multiple cores, improving overall performance on the game client.
  • Server optimization & stability
    • This work has moved out to Update 26 (see below)

As for Update 26? This is set to arrive in Q2 2020:

  • Account Database “Cold Storage”
  • Server optimization & stability
  • Frame rate improvements phase 2
  • Additional bug fixes and other updates


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