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Elder Scrolls Online Releases Flames of Ambition DLC on PC and Mac Today

Steven Weber Posted:
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Today, update 29 hits Elder Scrolls Online which will introduce the virtual world to the Gates of Oblivion storyline. Along with all of the new content and neat quality-of-life features, the update also marks the beginning of a two-week free-respec program with a redesigned Champion System.

Update 29 will bring about the beginning to the Gates of Oblivion storyline, which will kick off the next big story arc in Tamriel. Flames of Ambition will bring two new dungeons to players, Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron, with normal and veteran difficulties, and an optional hard mode for three bosses. Players will be able to earn special rewards, gear, collectibles and Achievements along their journey.

The Champion System Redesign that the developers have been talking about for several weeks is also included in this update. The aim of the redesign is to ensure that players will be able to create unique builds that are better suited to your style of play. The new changed coincide with a new champion bar, that will allow players to slot four passive boons for each constellation, which the development team expects will encourage more “impactful” decisions when allocating points.

The Flames of Ambition DLC is the start of a journey that the development team teased last year. Console players looking to get into the update will have to wait until March 16th before starting Elder Scrolls Online’s latest adventure. For more information on the latest update, definitely check out our preview of the update from earlier this month. 


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