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Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch 6.3.2 Brings Anniversary Jubilee

Also Resets Skill Points for EU Players

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Zenimax has published the PTS patch notes for Elder Scrolls Online 6.3.2 which brings the skill points reset for EU, in addition to the Anniversary Jubilee.

The size of this patch isn’t terribly large at 172 MB which hopefully doesn’t take too long. The jubilee is the big feature with this patch which starts on February 10 (tomorrow). You’ll be able to complete the Ache for Cake quest in order to receive the Jubilee Cake Memento. If you use this memento, you’ll receive a 100% boost to XP during the buff. You’ll also receive three event tickets which you can use at the Impresario.

Additionally, during the Jubilee, you’ll receive the first two fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker personality. There are three fragments in total. You can get these at the Impresario for 10 tickets each. The third fragment will be available at a later event during this season.

The patch also brings several crashes fixes and improvements for a few DLCs, combat, gameplay, and the base game. Check out the PTS patch notes here.


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