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Elder Scrolls Online PTR Patch 6.3.4 Adjusts Character Templates for Champion Points System Testing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest PTR patch for Elder Scrolls Online is bringing adjustments to character templates as part of testing the new Champion Points system.

It should be noted that this PTR patch is the final patch before the March 8 launch of the Gates of Oblivion content into Live. Specifically, the team has increased the CP available on Flames of Ambition character template to 3600. This new CP system is including several changes, and you learn all about them in our deep dive here.

The rest of the patch includes fixes and improvements for Greymoor and Flames of Ambition. You can also look forward to teaks to combat and abilities. Specifically, the CP system gets another mention here:

  • Fixed an issue where some Champion stars were displaying their tooltips in incorrect units. 
  • Champion star tooltips will no longer display their raw parametrized string.
  • Updated the visuals for slotted stars to make it more obvious when something is currently slotted on your Champion Bar.

You can read the rest of the patch notes here.


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