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Elder Scrolls Online Previews New Dungeon - The Dread Cellar

Steven Weber Posted:
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Elder Scrolls Online wants to know, are you ready for prison? In the northern hills of Blackwood stands a dank and gloomy prison known as the Dread Cellar where only the most infamous prisoners are held. Now with mysterious energy emerging from the prison that was believed to be abandoned, what will you find?

Four players will be tasked with making their way through the new dungeon, the Dread Cellar, which is part of the Waking Flame DLC that arrives on August 23rd. The Dread Cellar houses dangerous Daedric forces that serve Mehrunes Dagon, and have no intention of letting you mosey on by. ESO’s Encounters Lead, Mike Finnigan has expressed that this dungeon will challenge players in a variety of ways, that will require coordination within your party:

When designing the Dread Cellar’s enemies, we wanted to make use of a large variety of Daedric minions to create a real challenge for players. For example, there are two kinds of the Xivilai found throughout the dungeon, and they are no pushovers, so your group will need to stay on their toes even in the non-boss areas.

-Mike Finnigan, Encounters Lead, Elder Scrolls Online

However, if the Dread Cellar isn’t quite challenging enough, players can increase the difficulty, by enabling the Veteran Hard Mode which is available for three of the dungeon’s bosses, and is sure to test your mettle. For those that are able to progress through the dungeon, four unique item sets with their own bonuses and abilities can be rewarded. One set that was detailed in the dungeon preview was the Scorion’s Feast light armor set, that provides unique benefits that can either boost your teams Magicka and Stamina, or your teams damage instead. The choice is yours as to how you choose to buff your teammates, which may change from encounter to encounter!

Lastly, just for entering the Dread Cellar or Red Petal Pastion, both of which are part of the Waking Flame DLC, you’ll receive a Scorion Pyreling pet. You can read more about the dungeon and rewards on the official site.


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