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Elder Scrolls Online Previews Mother Ciannait, Master of Harrowstorm's Icereach Dungeon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The primary antagonist for Elder Scrolls Online’s Icereach dungeon has been previewed ahead of release.

As a reminder, Harrowstorm – the dungeon DLC part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim – releases on PC/Mac on February 24, and March 10 for Xbox One and PS4. Icereach is one of the two dungeons part of that DLC.

Earlier, Zenimax provided some lore behind Mother Ciannait, the primary antagonist of Icereach. The lore is presented as a memorandum for the Second Legion High Command by Optio Cornelia Midara. Here’s a snippet,

“Mother Ciannait and her coterie of hags had taken refuge among the graves west of the town, summoning hordes of desiccated Nords and empowering them with vile enchantments. Amidst the howling winds and biting sleet we heard Ciannait’s voice boom through the pines—oddly matronly, but also filled with arcane menace. Many legionaries fell under her influence and fled the field, shrieking and tearing at their armor, as if covered in a swarm of stinging insects. Others screamed in pain as the witches heated their metal cuirasses white-hot, like metal drawn from a forge.

I caught only a fleeting glimpse of her, lit by bursting flames and blasts of lightning. She wore a twisted wicker mask and the elements roared and danced around her like shrieking lunatics. I see her still when I close my eyes.”


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