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Elder Scrolls Online Previews Combat Changes and Champion System Improvements

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a forum post by Elder Scrolls Online PVP and Combat Lead Brian Wheeler, concerns over the “proc set meta” were addressed along with information on improvements to the newly revamped Champion System. Both changes are planned to arrive in Update 30, which is planned for June 8th.

Update 30 is set to bring several changes to the game, like new daily and weekly activities called Endeavors, the launch of Elder Scrolls Online’s next generation enhanced console editions for PS5 and XBOX X|S, and some changes to proc sets and the Champion System as outlined by Wheeler. Wheeler begins by addressing the problem that players have brought to the attention of ZOS, meta specs built around proc sets, and how painful it is to fight them in PvP. The proc sets were addressed and disabled last month

“The growing concerns over the “proc set meta” for the past few updates has not fallen on deaf ears. We understand the frustration of feeling required to run these types of sets and fighting against them in PVP. These sets are seen as “free” sources of damage, healing and survivability, all of which come with minimal tradeoffs. We want these proc choices to mean something, rather than just the de facto method of building a character without paying for it in some way.

-Brian Wheeler, PVP and Combat Lead, Elder Scrolls Online”

The plan to fix the proc set meta will be to simply scale damage or heals based around player stats. Damage sets will now scale with weapon or spell damage and healing sets will now scale with maximum magicka or stamina, utilizing whichever value is higher. The intended result will be an overall buff in PvE territory as well as a decrease in the effectiveness of proc set build in PvP that generally focus on multiple stats. By a more generalized build, players will lose the benefits for specializing in a specific stat. The changes are meant to lead to better balancing overall, and while proc sets will still be possible, and potentially viable, it will require the need for very specialized stats built around the new scaling system.

Another change headed to the game will be some nominal balancing to the newly revamped Champion System, which went live in Update 29. In Update 30, ZOS plans to add several new slotted stars for builds dedicated to support and healing. As a boon to players looking to create the best build they can, the team is reducing the number of stages on passive stars in Warfare and Fitness constellations by two, for a maximum of 2 stages per passive star.

The intended solution will reduce the requirements for an optimal build in both of these constellations. A new sub-constellation will also be added in the Warfare tree that will focus on healing, which will bring back some of the “old favorites” from the original Champion System. Luckily, for those excited about these changes, the update will roll out in June, so you’re just a few mere weeks away.


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