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Elder Scrolls Online Players' Mailboxes Are Incorrectly Showing as 'Full' When They're Actually Empty

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Some Elder Scrolls Online players are reporting their mailboxes are full even though they’re empty. This is preventing them from receiving items. Here are the details.

The issue doesn’t seem isolated as several people are reporting this issue.  In fact, some folks are reporting they’ve experienced this issue for some time, with a recent incremental update purportedly not addressing the problem.

As the original post mentions,

“Please keep in mind that for us returning players this have been ongoing since the release of U29 almost 2 months ago.

We need this sorted zos and not in 2 weeks when you guys decide to drop another patch this bug is gamebreaking and I can guarantee you that the average of your returning players don't even complain about it they are just leaving the second they notice their mail system isn't working.Also please don't reply with something like "turn off your addons" I reinstalled the game 4 times.”

If you actually click into the original top post, you can see the screenshots and video in question detailing the problem. Yet another commenter notes,

But a month has now passed with this issue affecting multiple accounts. An incremental update was cited as being the answer to this broken core functionality. And the incremental update has come, gone, and that update has done nothing:”

It seems like ZOS has taken notice with Community Manager, Gina Bruno, responding in the thread. Hopefully, this becomes addressed soon as being unable to receive mail is incredibly inconvenient, especially for those who frequently trade with other players.

Elder Scrolls Online PTS received a patch recently which did bring some fixes and tweaks to companions and Rockgrove trial, which you can read about here. Additionally, the console UI fix looks like it won’t be released until June 8 alongside Update 30.

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Poorna Shankar