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Elder Scrolls Online Patches Address Missing Guild List History on PC, Flames of Ambition Fixes on Xbox

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A few patches have released onto Elder Scrolls Online recently bringing some fixes for the Flames of Ambition DLC on Xbox One in addition to fixing missing guild list history on PC and Mac. Here are the some of key points from both patches.

In case you missed it, Flames of Ambition is the most recent DLC for Elder Scrolls Online and brought about the Black Drake Villa dungeon and The Cauldron dungeon. Furthermore, the recently released Blackwood Prologue quests furthers this storyline. This DLC and prologue set up the story for the upcoming Blackwood chapter set to release in June.

The Xbox One patch brings several fixes for Flames of Ambition. Fixes specific to Black Drake Villa include:

  • General
    • The Bullseye achievement now correctly mentions it is achieved in Black Drake Villa.
    • The description for the "Amphibians Arrested" achievement now correctly mentions the Fiery Favor effect.
  • Pyroturge Encratis
    • Corpses of Fire Behemoths are now consistently usable

Meanwhile, The Cauldron is set to receive some fixes for the bosses: Oxblood the Depraved, Taskmaster Viccia, and Baron Zaudrus.

The PC and Mac patch, meanwhile, brings some more general UI fixes for addons, combat, and more. these fixes include:


  • Information about offline players from the Friends/Guild lists are now correctly shown for players that have been offline for a while.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Champion UI to trigger UI errors while using the Champion purchasing addon API. The API itself is unchanged.


  • Fixed an issue where the visual state of Champion stars would not display properly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the keybind strip could get into a bad state when quickly swapping between the Champion screen and other screens.

More recently, an issue persisted across Sony machines which resulted in hitching. However, the issue was identified and the team is working with Sony to roll out a fix. As a result, the Jubilee Event has been extended across all platforms.


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