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Elder Scrolls Online - Patch Rolls Out on PC but Crashes Persist for Some, Event Boxes Missing

Don't Worry ZOS is on the Case

Steven Weber Posted:
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Over the weekend we reported that the Xbox patch for Elder Scrolls Online rolled out early due to an internal publishing error, but today marks the rollout of the latest PC patch that was supposed to fix several issues including persistent crashes that a lot of players have complained about. Unfortunately for some, patch 6.2.8 for PC did not fix all of the crashes, and it seems a new problem relating to missing event tickets and event boxes is under investigation.

In a series of growing forum posts, Elder Scrolls Online players are insisting that the post-patch game is still experiencing crashes. While it does not seem as widespread as before, some reports of crashing and connection issues have cropped up on both the Elder Scrolls Online reddit and the official forums. As more investigations are underway, and confirmed by the Community Manager Jessica Folsom, a growing number of players have also found that they are missing event ticket and box drops after completing dungeons.

For players experiencing this issue, Jessica advises to put in a ticket with support to obtain rewards, in the event you did not receive them. This issue does appear to be intermittent, and more information is being gathered by the team before a fix can move forward.

Currently Elder Scrolls Online is running a free play week that ends Wednesday, though some wonder with the issues experienced recently, if we might see the free play session extended.


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