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Elder Scrolls Online Patch 6.2.6 Fixes Update 28 on PC and Mac

You Can Mark-arth These Problems Off The List

Steven Weber Posted:
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Elder Scrolls Online recently released their Markarth update, but as with most updates, it wasn’t without its fair share of issues. Luckily, ZOS has released a quick patch that fixes several issues, including the missing leaderboard for Vateshran Hollows, and the unresponsive Light Attack weaving bug.

Patch 6.2.6 fixed more than just a few of the issues that were ongoing, as well as ones that cropped up in the post-Markarth game. Players can expect some welcome changes to the Vateshran Hollows Arena, some explorations and itemization fixes, some combat and abilities fixes, UI fixes, and some crash related fixes having to do with the Dragonstar Arena and viewing non-combat pets. Check out the entirety of the patch notes on the official forum post, breaking down all the fixes and changes.

On the fence and trying to decide whether you should buy the Markarth expansion on the crown store, or sub this month to Elder Scrolls Plus so you can play it? Check out our impressions to help you decide.


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