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Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival Event Starts Tomorrow

Runs through January 5

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The New Life Festival begins tomorrow in Elder Scrolls Online. Here’s what you can look forward to.

The festival kicks off at 10a ET and will run through January 5 at 10a ET. If you want to take part in the festivities, all you have to do is grab the New Life Festival quest in the crown store. From here, you’ll want to find New Life Herald Breda who is in Windhelm in the Eastmarch region.

As with every event, you can enjoy several rewards by completing daily quests. Completing these quets will net you a gift box which can contain the following:

  • Skinchanger Motif chapters
  • New Life recipes
  • A selection of lights, lamps, and lanterns for your home to celebrate the Signal Fire Sprint
  • Draughts of Stealth and Escape to celebrate the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile

There are also a bunch of new collectibles you can grab like sword-Swallower's Blade memento, Juggler's Knives memento, fire-Breather's Torches memento, Mud Ball Pouch memento, Nordic Bather's Towel costume, Colovian Filigreed Hood hat, Colovian Fur Hood hat, and a new Snowball Buddy pet.

You can check out the full details of the event right here.


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