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Elder Scrolls Online - New Dungeon and Rewards from Stonethorn DLC Detailed

Science so Mad it's Scary

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Stone Garden is an abandoned Dwemer facility with some dangerous secrets. In Elder Scrolls Online’s new DLC, players will have to find their way into Arkasis’s laboratory, and stop his mad science experiments.

The secret laboratory in Stone Garden houses many difficult challenges, which includes 3 boss battles each of which will have their own hard mode. This is the first time that Hard Mode can be activated on a per-boss basis. Mike Finnigan, ESO’s encounters lead, explains the reasons behind the difficulty switch:

“We have heard from players that they would like another level of difficulty within dungeons to challenge themselves, in reviewing the Sunspire and Kyne’s Aegis trials and how well those were received, we decided this would be a good opportunity to do this in dungeons as well.”

Plenty of rewards await the adventurers that take on this perilous task. Unique rewards will be available which includes gear sets, a monster mask, collectibles, and Achievements. These rewards are only available in this dungeon.

The new monster mask, called Stone Husk, can be combined with its corresponding shoulders for a Heavy Attack effect that creates a damaging tether that will also boost Weapon Damage.

You can learn more about the new dungeon on ESO’s official post. You can also learn more about the other dungeon from the Stonethorn DLC, Castle Thorn in this previous preview that was released not long ago. Currently ESO is playable for free until August 20th, so if you haven’t had the chance to hop in and play, now is the perfect time.


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