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Elder Scrolls Online Is Giving Players A Free Guar Pet As An Apology For Firesong Issues

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After the rocky launch of the latest Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Firesong, ZeniMax Online Studios is giving players a free in-game pet as a thank you for putting up with the downtime and issues. 

Firesong's PC and Mac launch was less than ideal, with issues causing the developers to chase bugs and stability problems with the megaserver. The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong is the culmination of this year's Legacy of the Bretons storyline, capping off a year of storytelling that dives deep into the lore of the Bretons and their island holdings in the Systres Archipelago.

However, issues that caused crashes for players trying to hop into the new region and story DLC, made for a rocky beginning to Firesong, prompting creative director Rich Lambert to address fans regarding the issues last week. In a short message on the ESO forums, Lambert apologized for the "rougher than normal" launch, promising to do better.

"Now that things have settled down a bit from Firesong’s PC/Mac launch, we wanted to thank everyone for your patience. It was a rougher than normal launch – especially on the stability side. Without sugar coating things, we dropped the ball – no excuses, we will do better in the future."

As a thank you to fans who put up with the downtime, ESO is gifting players a free in-game Guar pet through the crown store. Rather than just applying the gift to everyone's account, though, you'll need to claim it yourself in-game, meaning you have a time limit on this before the offer is gone.

The Guar pet will be available for free in the ESO Crown Store starting today and running through November 21st at 10am ET/7am PT, and is available not only to PC and Mac players who were affected by the issues, but also console players on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The Guar-Lizard Calf pet will be in the Featured section of the in-game store so as to not miss it. 

The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong takes players back to the Systres Archipelago, exploring the island of Galen, as they uncover the motivations behind the mysterious Firesong order of Druids. Additionally, the Firesong DLC wraps up the year-long story being told in the Legacy of the Bretons storyline, tying up the loose ends from this year's chapter release, High Isle.


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