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Elder Scrolls Online is Coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 as ESO: Console Enhanced on June 8

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you play Elder Scrolls Online on consoles, the team at Zenimax Online Studios have shared some news you might be interested in as shared during their Blackwood Preview Event.

If you happen to have an Xbox Series X|S or PS5, you’ll receive a free upgrade to the next-gen version, called ESO: Console Enhanced, on June 8 alongside the console launch of Blackwood. This new version will include several updated features from the current console version.

On the Xbox Series X and PS5, there will be two modes to select from. The first is a Performance Mode which will see the game run at 60fps. There’s an alternate Fidelity Mode which will push the game to native 4K resolution, but run at 30fps. We’ve reached out for clarification on the exact graphical differences between Performance Mode and Fidelity Mode, in addition to the resolution for Performance Mode. Note, these modes don’t mention Xbox Series S. We’ve reached out for clarification on this as well. We'll update once we have this information at hand.

Apart from these two modes, the new consoles will receive increased draw distance and improved loading times. According to ZOS, they’ve cut loading times nearly in half. Additional updates include improved reflections, shadows, depth of field, ambient occlusion with screen space global illumination, updated antialiasing, and “unlocked textures.”

There will be more information shared about ESO: Console Enhanced in the coming months leading up to the console launch of Blackwood on June 8. For now, you can learn more details here.

Additionally, the team shared information on the Companions System. This new system is unlocked in the Blackwood main quest where you’ll be able to select from two companions at the beginning. You’ll be able to select their gear and skills during play. Additionally, each companion will have their own personality so you can form a rapport. This rapport will be affected by your actions.


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