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Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Lucilla Caprenia Ahead of Waking Flame DLC

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Zenimax Online have shared some additional information on their upcoming DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, called Waking Flame. This time, the team invites you to meet Lucilla Caprenia, an Imperial Battlemage who you’ll meet during the DLC this fall.

In case you missed it, Zenimax had announced back in June the brace of content updates dropping this Fall for Elder Scrolls Online. These updates will conclude the year-long Gates of Oblivion adventure. Blackwood was the big new zone released in June, and you can read our review here. Deadlands is shaping up to the story DLC to close out the year.

But before Deadlands, we can expect Waking Flame which is the dungeon DLC. In fact, the team held a preview live stream earlier this month to show off both dungeons. One of these dungeons is called the Dread Cellar, which Lucilla will help you traverse.

The character post is presented as a requisition letter. It describes Lucilla Caprenia as an experienced battlemage who took part in the Three Banners War who was a model apprentice. She apparently joined the ranks early at the age of six, which is six years earlier than normal.

Apparently, she was extremely diligent and well behaved with a blemish-free record. Being a battlemage, magic education is hugely important as the post notes,

“Lucilla has earned top marks in each of the schools of magic, magical and martial warfare, and contemporary studies. She took first place for single combat in the Potentials Battle Tourney three years running, won the Spire Council’s Commendation for Spellcraft last year, and earned an Imperial Medal of Valor for defending her classmates from rampaging atronachs during a botched summoning exercise six years ago.”

It seems, then, that Lucilla will be a valuable asset once Waking Flame releases this Fall. You can check out the full post here.


Poorna Shankar