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Elder Scrolls Online - Imperial City Celebration Begins September 3rd, Earn Rewards and Collectibles

Celebrate PvP Time, Come On!

Steven Weber Posted:
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On September 3rd Elder Scrolls Online will be releasing the Imperial City Celebration in-game event. During this time, bonus rewards will be earnable within the Imperial City PvP zone and its adjoining PvE dungeons.

In order to participate in the event, you must have an ESO Plus membership, or own the Imperial City DLC pack. Currently the Imperial City DLC pack can be found for free from the DLC section in the Crown Store.

During the event, you can expect the following bonus rewards by completing Imperial City activities, or taking on the White-Gold Tower or Imperial City Prison dungeons:

  • Double the amount of Tel Var Stones dropped from all monsters
  • Bonus chance of picking up either the Stonefire Scamp pet or the Soul-Shriven skin
  • Double the amount of Key Fragments
  • Bonus loot dropped by Trove Scamps and Cunning Scamps
  • Bonus drops from bosses (including within the Imperial City itself and its dungeons)
  • Glorious Legion Zero Strongbox

There are far more details to the Imperial City Celebration, far too much to list here, but you can check it out on the official news post. This event comes days after the release of Update 27, which included the Stonethorn DLC and some improvements to housing in the base game.


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