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Elder Scrolls Online Hosting Tribunal Celebration Live Stream Tomorrow for Charity

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online team are hosting a new ESO Live tomorrow at 4p EST for charity.

The stream will be a Tribunal Celebration charity event featuring community stream team member, dovahrii. As Zenimax outlines, you’ll be able to watch the stream on their official Twitch page where they’ll talk to dovahrii about her journey through ESO. They’ll team up for the Tribunal Celebration specifically in Vvardenfell.

Play will take place on the PC/Mac NA server. This means if you want to join the team during the stream in-game, you can! The stream is about charity, of course, so the team is part of the Bethesda charity drive. This will support the NAACP during this Black History Month.

You can look forward to giveaways and Twitch drops as well. Giveaways will be determined by the Wheel of Stuff every time the team hits a donation milestone. If you’re interested and want to support a good cause, check out the stream tomorrow at 4p EST.


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