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Elder Scrolls Online Explorer's Celebration Underway

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Explorer’s Celebration returns to Elder Scrolls Online and is your chance at double XP, extra resource node drops, and gold in any zone. Here are some additional details.

The Explorer’s Celebration will run through May 20 at 10a EDT. Until then, you’ll be rewarded for several in-game activities including:

  • Increased yield from harvest nodes (not fishing!)
  • Double XP gains from every source
    • This stacks with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multipliers
  • Double gold earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources

Keep in mind, these bonuses will be available in any zone in Elder Scrolls Online. This means that if you’re currently focused on leveling up a character for the upcoming Blackwood chapter in June, this event might be worth a look.

Additionally, ZOS notes this Explorer’s Celebration will not dole out any event tickets for redemption as it does not have its own share of unique quests, achievements, or collectibles. This is purely an XP, yield, and gold event. Finally, the Impresario will not be available during this event.

Recently, the Elder Scrolls Online team talked about the Oblivion portals as part of their latest update to the community. Blackwood's zone lead, Jason Barnes and encounter designer Brad Hoppenstein, shared the following,

“Oblivion Portals spawn in Blackwood’s Western, Northern, and Southern regions. Each Oblivion Portal region will generate two active portals, for six total, that players must discover for themselves while adventuring through the zone.”

If you’re playing ESO on console, the Console Enhanced version may be on your radar. And if you’re curious about the story ahead of Blackwood, check out the story trailer here.


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