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Elder Scrolls Online - ESO Announces Release on PS5, Xbox Series X, Free Upgrades

A Free Level Up to the Next Consoles

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online twitter has dropped some information regarding its future on the upcoming Microsoft and Sony consoles, the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. For those that already own Elder Scrolls Online on consoles, fear not, as the upgrade to PS5 and XBSX will be completely free.

While nothing has been stated as to at what point Elder Scrolls Online will become available on both new consoles, Bethesda’s tweet reassures ESO fans that they won’t be spending twice on getting their MMO of choice on the upgraded console of their choice:

It was also reported in an official post that backwards compatibility will also be available, which means no matter if or when you choose to play on the newer consoles, your characters progress will transfer back and forth without interruption. For more information on ESO there will be a big QuakeCon stream tomorrow. For those wondering what Zenimax Online Studios has been up to, most recently they are pushing for some performance updates in PvP areas.


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