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Elder Scrolls Online Devs Preview the Wrathstone DLC & Update 21

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The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with a preview of the first off four big updates coming in 2019. The Wrathstone DLC will be part of the Plus membership for those who subscribe or it can be purchased separately for 500 Crowns. In addition, Update 21 is previewed and will be free for all ESO players.

Two dungeons will be coming with Wrathstone that will explain how Imperial Chancellor Abnur Tharn came to possess the Wrathstone before he used it to open the Halls of Colossus. The two dungeons will be available in Normal, Veteran and Veteran Hard modes. They are:

  • Frostvault pits players against a Goblin tribe that is inhabiting a former Dwarven enclave. 
  • Depths of Malatar sends players into "a secret Imperial fort" and face off against a "lost Imperial legion and shining Daedric agents".

Update 21 will include the new Eld Angvar battleground "in a place between worlds" and seems to feature platforms from which players can fall. 

Other components of Update 21:

  • a new Zone Guide that "allows you to see your progress in any of Tamriel's zones or beyond, tracking activities such as Zone Story Quests, Wayshrines, Delves, Striking Locals, Skyshards and more".
  • Guild Trader UI
  • changes to Racial Passives

Check out the Elder Scrolls Online site to learn more.


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