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Elder Scrolls Online Devs Are Hiring for 'Multiple Unannounced Projects'


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Zenimax Online, the folks behind MMO Elder Scrolls Online, are hiring for several different positions.

The postings are for ESO, but also for “multiple unannounced projects,” according to a Tweet. The positions include roles across art, design, engineering, and production. Glancing at the jobs page, these positions are across Maryland, Austin (Texas), and San Diego (California).

The positions range from World Builder, to UI Engineer, to Senior AI Engineer. If you’re interested and you think you fit the bit, be sure to update your resume and submit it to the team. If selected, you’ll go through an initial phone screen, plus a few more follow ups. If you progress, you’ll be asked for an on-site interview. Though, in the age of COVID, we’re not sure at this time if that on-site interview will be conducted remotely.

In case you missed it, Blackwood is the latest chapter arriving in June as part of the Gates of Oblivion year-long content. In the meanwhile, check out our deep dive on the Champion Points 2.0 system.


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