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Elder Scrolls Online - Developers Talk New Stonethorn Dungeon, Castle Thorn

So Many Vampires!

Steven Weber Posted:
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In Elder Scrolls Online Castle Thorn is a stronghold that has stood for centuries in the mountains of western Skyrim. Lady Thorn has been amassing an army in preparation for the accounts of Greymoor to unfold. Will you have what it takes to storm the castle and defeat the evil that lurks within?

In the latest post for Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax goes into detail about the dangers of Castle Thorn. You will be joined by Gwendis as you uncover the mysteries surrounding the castle, and the missing villagers of the adjoining regions. ESO’s Encounters Lead Mike Finnegan explains Gwendis’s outlook as well as some challenges that players will face:

Gwendis is ever the optimist, and she takes the teachings of House Ravenwatch very seriously, so when she captured one of Lady Thorn’s scouts, she knew she had to act and had the scout lead her to Castle Thorn. That first part was easy, but what comes next is the hard part, and she needs your help.

Lady Thorn has been building her forces for centuries, and she has utilized any and all means to create a powerful Vampire army. From traveling to Elsweyr and infecting Senche-rahts, to binding a servant of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal to augment her soldiers further, she seeks to enhance her followers, no matter the cost.

Vaduroth, a bound Wraith of Crows, should offer some interesting challenges for you and your party, A servant of Nocturnal now bound to the will of Lady Thorn, Vaduroth’s job is to empower and ‘resurrect’ Vampires that have fallen in battle.

You can also read a more in-depth quotation, with expanded information at the ESO news page. In addition to defeating the challenging boss Vaduroth you will still be tasked with defeating Lady Thorn as well. Players will also be able to earn a significant set of rewards by completing this dungeon, which includes Talfyg’s Treachery Set. According to Nadav Pechthold, the Combat Designer that works on item sets, the Treachery Set, “gives you a taste of a vampire’s power … This light armor set provides a boost to your spell power, but it also gives you an unnatural weakness to damage from Flame and Fighter’s Guild abilities.”

The Stonethorn DLC will release August 24th on PC and Stadia. Luckily, until the 30th of July you can obtain a free Crown Store Bundle just by logging in.  Will you have what it takes to defeat Lady Thorn?


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